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Executive Board

Chapter President

Avery Anderson

Welcome to the Epsilon Chi chapter of Alpha Phi at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. My name is Avery Anderson, I am a fourth-year Psychology major with a minor in Law and Society, and I am so blessed to get to lead such a kind, caring, genuine, and supportive group as this year's Chapter President. I can't imagine my experience at Cal Poly without all these amazing women by my side. 


Coming from a small town in Colorado, I knew that starting college in an unfamiliar place with no one I knew would be extremely difficult and outside of my comfort zone. I was very nervous to go through recruitment, but as soon as I had my first conversation at Alpha Phi, I knew that I had found my home. Each girl that I talked to calmed my nerves and made me feel like I was the most special person in the room. I felt like they loved me for who I was and each unique quality that I brought to the table. As soon as I got to put on my Alpha Phi letters, I knew that college wouldn’t be so daunting anymore. I had an amazing group of women by my side to cheer me on every step of the way and support me when I struggled. Alpha Phi has brought me a level of friendship that I had never experienced before and I truly could not have gone through all the ups and downs of college without their support. I have loved every minute of living in San Luis Obispo, so much so that I have stayed here with my fellow Alpha Phi sisters every summer. Beach days, sunset picnics, and hiking the beautiful mountains of San Luis Obispo are what make moments here so special. I feel grateful every day that I get to go to school in such a gorgeous place and have found friends that feel like family to share it with. 

Since joing Alpha Phi, I have been so inspired by each and every member's passion for leadership and this chapter as a whole, which led me to get involved as much as possible. My first year, I was the Carebear Chairperson and also served on the Potential New Member Outreach and Continuous Open Bidding teams. Afterwards, I served on the executive board as Panhellenic Delegate and then transitioned into my term as President at the end of my third year. Each of these positions has furthered my love for this chapter and helped me grow as a person more than I could’ve imagined. 


As Chapter President, I now have the honor of leading our executive board and our amazing chapter. Aside from the daily duties of this position, being Chapter President means more to me than I can even put into words. I am continuously inspired by our members' dedication to philanthropy, leadership, and sisterhood and I cannot wait to see the work that future generations of Alpha Phi accomplish. I will forever be grateful and proud to be an Alpha Phi. 


Throughout this website you will get a glimpse into our amazing chapter. Whether it be philanthropy, sisterhood, or anything in between, we stand hand and hand, heart to heart. I am overjoyed to be able to share with you what it means to be an Alpha Phi. 

Kendall Miller
VP Health, Wellness & Accountability

Hi! My name is Kendall Miller and I am from San Jose, CA. I am a third year business marketing major and part of PC ‘21. Currently I am VP of Health, Wellness, and Accountability in which I manage a group of peers in the chapter to inspire young women to teach relationship building and safety skills and encourage well-being for one another. This position means so much to me because it has taught me to be more understanding and you never know what someone could be going through. My favorite part of Alpha Phi is not only meeting my best friends that I have now but being able to have outside opportunities for my future.

Megan McCormack
VP Membership Recruitment

Hi! I'm Megan McCormack and I am a fourth year in PC '20! I am from Lake Oswego, OR which is about 25 minutes south of Portland. I am a Kinesiology major, concentrating in Exercise Science, and I also have a minor in Sports Nutrition! This year, I am Alpha Phi's Vice President of Membership Recruitment. In my position, I plan and organize all things recruitment, including Formal Recruitment, Informal Recruitment, showcase booths, promo videos, etc. As VPMR, I have been given the opportunity to get to know all members of the chapter and get to create new friendships, memories, and experiences daily. Being in this position has been such an honor and I can't thank my team and the rest of the Exec board enough for being with me every step of the way! I can't wait to watch all of the hard work pay off when Formal Recruitment 2023 comes around :)

Kelsey Konishi
Director of Philanthropy

Hello! My name is Kelsey Konishi, and I am in PC’ 21. I am a 3rd year student from Visalia, CA majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I am the Director of Philanthropy for Alpha Phi, and within this position, I get to plan all of our fundraising events where we raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation! Some of our big events include the Red Dress Gala, Alpha Phifa, Hoops for Hearts, and Heart Health Week. Having this role means the world to me because I get to plan events that unite and empower a sisterhood, other Greek life organizations, families, and all Cal Poly students to support an incredible cause. Alpha Phi has allowed me to meet the most confident and loving girls, and I am so grateful for all the memories I have made within this sisterhood.

Jessie Miley
VP Member Education and Programming

Hi! My name is Jessie Miley, and I am a Business Administration major, originally from Orange County, CA. I am in pc 20 and am the VP of New Member Education and Member Experience at Alpha Phi Epsilon Chi! In this position, I oversee the planning of all sisterhoods, programming, and new member experiences for the chapter. I have loved the opportunity to get more involved in our sisterhood and work with the amazing people on our exec team and in my department. AOE <3

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Greta Burk
VP Finance

Hi my name is Greta and I’m a part of PC ‘21 in Alpha Phi! I’m from Dana Point and am majoring in elementary education. I’m the VP of Finance & Housing for our chapter, so I manage our budgets, payments, dues, and our chapter house. I’m so thankful that this position allowed me to get involved in our chapter and taught me values of leadership, collaboration, and the importance of setting a strong foundation for a successful chapter.

Nour Alaoui
VP Marketing

Hi! My name is Nour Alaoui, and I am a third year Communications major & French minor from San Mateo, CA! I am a part of PC' 21, and am so honored to be serving as Vice President of Marketing alongside the amazing girls on this year's exec board. I am the face behind all of the chapter's social media, and oversee all content and media development for the chapter, in addition to planning our quarterly parent & alumnae events. I love that Alpha Phi has given me such an important platform in which I can gain real experience in the field that I want to pursue upon graduating from Cal Poly. Not only that, but this chapter has brought me my best friends and roommates, and I could not be more grateful for the college experience that I've had in Alpha Phi so far. I'm so proud of this board, and this year as VP Marketing will always hold such a special place in my heart.

Emma Davis
Executive Administrator

Hi! My name is Emma Davis and I am in PC ‘20! I’m from Sacramento, CA and am majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in Sales. I am the Executive Administrator for APHI which means I plan chapter meetings, keep track of all the members’ points, create the calendar, plan initiation and so much more! I absolutely love being apart of this chapter and am honored to hold a position. I have met my best friends in Alpha Phi and am so thankful I made the decision to go through recruitment 3 years ago.

Callie Crumpler
Panhellenic Delegate

Hi! My name is Callie Crumpler and I am currently a fourth year in PC 20! I am from Long Beach, CA and I am a Marine Science major! I am this years Panhellenic Delegate which means I am in charge of all things Panhellenic! I am basically the middle man between Alpha Phi and PHA. I make sure our chapter is up to date on all PHA news and vice versa! I love being involved with the Greek life community as a whole and it has also lead me to meet so many leaders of other PHA chapters! It means so much to me to be able to help lead this wonderful group of girls in Alpha Phi! I am also learning so much about myself being in this leadership position! I am so thankful to have had this opportunity! AOE

Gabriella Orlando
Vp diversity, equity & inclusion

Hello, my name is Gabriella Orlando and I am from the Bay Area. I am a fourth year English major with a minor in ethnic studies. Alpha Phi is most definitely the highlight of my college experience. I feel so grateful to have made friendships that will last a lifetime while simultaneously building my social and leadership skills. As the VP of diversity, equity, and inclusion I have the opportunity to craft our chapter’s DEI action plan, sit on the judiciary board along with our advisor, president, and VP of health, wellness, and accountability, as well as organize our chapter’s attendance at campus, chapter, and Greek life DEI events!

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