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A message from Megan...


Hi everyone! My name is Megan McCormack and I am the Vice President of Membership recruitment for Cal Poly Alpha Phi - Epsilon Chi! We are so excited to welcome all of you to our wonderful home this fall during the most anticipated event of the year, Formal Recruitment!


As a freshman, I remember being in your shoes, feeling both excited and nervous about coming to Cal Poly. As an out-of-state student, I was unsure about who I was going to be at Cal Poly and especially unsure of how I was going to find my home away from home. I had already signed up for recruitment but was still nervous about what was to come. While the recruitment process can be intimidating at first, it truly works and it is so worth it at the end when you get to be a part of the place that has made you feel most at home. Just three short years ago, I was soon to find out that I wouldn’t have found my home away from home at Cal Poly if it weren’t for Alpha Phi. 

I was in true admiration of every single girl I met at Alpha Phi before joining. Each girl I spoke to was friendly, fun, genuine, compassionate, loyal, and respectful, which all are characteristics that I look for in my closest friends. Although I could see unique qualities shine through from each individual active member, it was very apparent to me how bonded this sisterhood truly is. I knew Alpha Phi was the place for me because the stories and friendships the girls would share were exactly what I wanted for myself. I can happily say now that I have made my own memories in Alpha Phi that will last me a lifetime. I have found my future bridesmaids and girls that I will grow old with. I have gotten more out of being a part of this sisterhood at Cal Poly than I could have ever imagined possible!

My goal as Vice President of Membership Recruitment this year is to help each and every potential new member find the place that feels most like home to them. It is such a special thing to be a part of something where you feel most comfortable and don’t need to change yourself to fit in. Having friends who you know will be there every step of the way are crucial for a successful college experience and I hope for every PNM to find the place that will give them those moments, which Alpha Phi has given to me. 


My college experience would have been completely different if I did not go through recruitment my freshman year. Three years ago I would never have imagined I would be in the place I am right now, writing this, and reflecting on my Panhellenic experience so far. Every single Alpha Phi member is so excited to meet each and every one of you and we cannot wait for you to discover more about our chapter and what it means to be an Alpha Phi!




To send in letters of recommendation and contact Megan, please email:

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