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One of the most important parts of being a part of a sorority is the strong and lifelong bonds between sisters. Here at Alpha Phi, sisterhood means being involved, supporting each other, pushing each other to our highest standards, and maintaining solid relationships that go beyond just four years. 

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Some of our favorite past sisterhood events include:


→ beach yoga

→ self defense/kickboxing class

→ coachella

→ rollerblading 80s night

→ beach bonfire + s’mores

→ mansion pool party

→ ATVing at the pismo dunes

→ all house dinners

→ pumpkin painting

→ pizza making night


Even with COVID-19, we are grateful to be able to still have events to keep us connected to our sisters.  Whether it's Bachelor Monday at the Alpha Phi chapter house or dressing up for a fun scavenger hunt, these moments spent together are always cherished.  We are so grateful to have over 200 empowering women who support and love each other.


Bigs & Littles

One of the most special things about being in a sorority is finding your big sister!  To help our new members find their place in our chapter and meet just about every one of our members, we have the amazing CareBear Program.  During their first few weeks in the sorority, new Alpha Phis are paired up with a different active member, known as their CareBear, each week.  These older members show them around San Luis Obispo, answer any questions about Alpha Phi, and provide support in any way that is needed.  The first few weeks of college can be a difficult transition, and having so many wonderful women alongside us helps to make this easier. 

Following the CareBear process, new members are paired with their big sisters - but only the big sisters know these pairings.  This allows the big sisters to take a week to shower their new littles with love, with daily baskets filled with their favorite snacks and all things Alpha Phi.  Finally, the big reveal happens, and big little reveal night is one of the most memorable events for many of our members.  Running to find your big wearing matching outfits is something you'll never forget! This connection, however, doesn't end after reveal: this is the person who is there for you throughout your years at Cal Poly to guide you and offer you unconditional support.   The bond between a Big and a Little is a relationship that will last a lifetime, with many of our alumni Big Little pairs maintaining close, personal relationships even after graduation! 



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